Top 10 Best Bagel Slicers of 2020

Here, we’ll review the Top 10 Best Bagel Slicers on the market today. We’ll provide an overview of what is good and not-so-good about each case, and we’ve provided a range of economic and excellent Bagel Slicers. Best Bagel Slicers on Amazon

We spent hours to find a best option for you is a Gavanto Bagel Guillotine Slicer - Quick and Safe [Stainless Steel] Bagel Slicer Complete with Butter Spreader, which comes with amazing features you’ve never heard before. It is the Best Bagel Slicers available in the market today. However, if you don’t want to spend big on Gavanto Bagel Guillotine Slicer - Quick and Safe [Stainless Steel] Bagel Slicer Complete with Butter Spreader, then you should absolutely go for Slicing Tool Stainless Steel Bagel Guillotine Slicer Bread Cutters Toast Slicing Kitchen Tool which comes with all the basic features one could expect in Bagel Slicers.

To help you in your search, we have concluded this list of the Best Bagel Slicers.

Top 10 Best Bagel Slicers

Top 10 Best Bagel Slicers of 2020

1. Gavanto Bagel Guillotine Slicer - Quick and Safe [Stainless Steel] Bagel Slicer Complete with Butter

Gavanto Bagel Guillotine Slicer

Slice with Precision Every Time

Evenly Sliced Bagels

Whether you're a cafe owner or simply preparing breakfast at home, the bagel slicer is the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Why Should You Buy it?
  • The GAVANTO bagel cutter slicer allows you to safely slice bagels and other breads in one swift stroke leaving your countertop free from crumbs and mess
  • Equipped with a safety shield and comfortable grip, the bagel slicer provides a precise cut while keeping your fingers away from the blade
  • This multi-use guillotine slicer is not only limited to bagels. It can be used with an array of breads, muffins, rolls or buns
  • Its extremely sharp blade is constructed from high-quality [stainless steel] leaving you with an effortless slice every time! Suitable for hand wash and dishwasher-safe (top rack only)
  • The Bagel Slicer measures 18 x 24 x 10 cm and comes with a butter spreader

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2. Slicing Tool Stainless Steel Bagel Guillotine Slicer Bread Cutters Toast Slicing Kitchen Tool

Features: 1.

Why Should You Buy it?
  • ★Made of premium ABS plastic and stainless steel material, eco-friendly, safe and healthy.
  • ★With this tool, you can easily and evenly slice your bagel.
  • ★Efficient and effortless slicing tool, save your time and money.
  • ★The slicer is not only suitable for bagel, but also for muffin, bread and bread roll.
  • ★Very practical tool, suitable for home kitchen, bakery, stores, restaurants, etc.

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3. Lifetime Brands Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer, White , 9.25" x 7.00" x 3.88" - 5086739

With this White Bagel Guillotine, by Hoan, you can safely and effortlessly slice your bagels in half.

Why Should You Buy it?
  • EFFORTLESS SLICE BAGELS: The Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer allows you to safely and effortlessly slice bagels in half
  • KEEP HANDS OUT OF HARMS WAY: This bagel slicer keeps your hands away from any potential slicing harm. There is a slot where the bagel will rest and then simply push down on the blade to obtain the finished product; a cleanly sliced bagel.
  • BUILT IN SAFETY SHIELD: The cradle holds the bagel while the two clear acrylic safety shields keep fingers away from the patented piercing blade
  • USE FOR DIFFERENT TYPES OF ROLLS: This slicer is not limited to just using on bagels. You can use this to slice muffins, buns, and rolls of all sizes
  • SMOOTH SLICING AND DURABLE: The bagel slicer features a precision ground serrated cutting edges and a non stick Xylan coated blade for smooth slicing and durability. With this bagel slicer, you will eliminate any uneven and mess cuts

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4. Plus Black Commercial Bagel Slicer By TableTop King

Why Should You Buy it?

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5. Hometown Bagel Knife - Easy to Use Bagel Slicer - Safely Slice Bagels and More

Safely and effortlessly slice bagels, baguettes, biscuits, croissants, dinner rolls, English muffins, and buns evenly without crushing them and without fear of cuts and injury.

Why Should You Buy it?
  • EFFORTLESS BAGEL KNIFE: Safely and effortlessly slice bagels, breads, baguettes, biscuits, croissants, dinner rolls, English muffins, and buns without crushing them.
  • SAFETY FIRST, KEEP OUT OF HARMS WAY: The bagel slicer is designed to keep your fingers and palms safe and away from the blade at all times. Now, cutting breads and rolls is a breeze with this full-size bagel slicer.
  • HIGH QUALITY SERRATED KNIFE: Made from high quality food-safe plastic and stainless steel blades, the knife stays sharp and the handle is durable and dishwasher safe for years of use.
  • EASY TO STORE, EASY TO CLEAN: Unlike guillotine slicers and bread slicing machines, this bagel knife fits easily in a drawer, countertop or utensil holder without taking up valuable kitchen space.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We offer a 5 year guarantee! If the product shows any signs of defect when used as intended, please contact us with the receipt and you will receive a replacement.

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6. Sweet Home Bee Bagel Slicer, Stainless Steel Kitchen Guillotine Cutter with Safe Grip and Safety Shi

Do you love bagels but you find bagel-cutting difficult? We know how you feel which is why we designed this non-stick bagel slicer so you can easily slice and enjoy bagels without worry!

This bagel slicer for large bagels and small bagels is ideal for use with bagels, muffins, buns, and rolls of various sizes to make sure you always get a smooth cut without any squishing.

Why Should You Buy it?
  • QUICK & SIMPLE BAGEL SLICING: This stainless steel bagel cutter was designed to provide bagel lovers to quickly, effortlessly and simply slice any bagel in half without messing up their shape. It’s easy to use, simply lift the guillotine blade, put the bagel inside, and lower the guillotine – that’s it.
  • SHARPER & STRONGER: Our bagel Guillotine Slicer uses a durable and sharp stainless steel cutter that effortlessly slices bagels without squishing or mangling the bagels, unlike the rest. Thanks to the serrated cutting edges and a non-stick Xylan coated blade you’re sure to get a smooth cutting experience.
  • KEEP YOUR HANDS SAFE: Now you can finally cut any bagel you want without worrying about cut fingers. Thanks to the safe yet firm grip, our bread cutter slicer offers you full control which coupled with the serrated edges and safety shield prevent your fingers or your kids from ever coming in contact with the blade.
  • FUNCTIONAL & VERSATILE: Besides being the perfect kitchen accessory to get evenly sliced bagels, our wide bagel slicer can also be used for cutting and slicing loaves of bread, muffins, buns, rolls, and much more. The compact and space efficient design allows you to place it anywhere you want.
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: This non-stick, easy to clean and dishwasher safe guillotine bagel cutter is backed by Lifetime Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your purchase then simply let us know, no questions asked.

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7. Koozam Bagel Slicer High End White Plastic and Stainless Steel Guillotine, White

Stop spending time trying to get the perfect cut on your bagels, and turn to this bagel guillotine.

Why Should You Buy it?
  • White plastic with a non-stick, stainless steel blade
  • Serrated edging to prevent mashing
  • Wide base provides excellent stability
  • Comfortable grip for delicate hands
  • Clear acrylic guards protect fingers

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8. OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer

OXO's very versatile V-Blade Mandoline slices fruits and vegetables with ease.

Why Should You Buy it?
  • Sharp, V-shaped blade of hardened stainless steel easily slices both firm vegetables like potatoes and soft fruits like tomatoes with four easily adjustable slice thickness settings: 1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm and 6mm
  • Straight and wavy blades for straight or crinkle cuts, and julienne blades for French Fries or fine julienne strips
  • Food holder securely holds food and protects fingers, and textured runway keeps food from sticking
  • Mandoline locks closed and feet fold in for safe and compact storage
  • Soft handle and turning knob for comfort and non-slip feet for safety
  • Mandoline body and food holder are top-rack dishwasher safe (hand wash blades)
  • Recommended by America's Test Kitchen

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9. Homeries Bagel Slicer, Perfect for Bagels, Safe Grip, Safety Shield, Stainless Steel, White

Why Should You Buy it?
  • PERFECT FOR BAGEL LOVERS – This tool is an easy solution to your morning breakfast. It makes cutting your bagels in half very safe, easy and time-saving.
  • EASY TO USE HANDLE – Simply lift, place your bagel or muffin, and lower the guillotine through your bagel! In three easy steps, you will have that perfect slice.
  • NO MORE CUT FINGERS – Your fingers will never come into contact with this blade! Its efficient safety cover makes slicing your bagels much safer.
  • SMOOTH SLICING – Get the perfect cut every time. This durable tool will be the perfect addition to your home.
  • MULTIPURPOSE TOOL – Not only for bagels! Use this product for slicing muffins, rolls and bagels of all sizes.

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10. Tablecraft HE5613 Bagel Cutter with Firm Grip, Black

Table Craft's compact, handheld bagel cutter with ergonomic, black Firm Grip handle.

Why Should You Buy it?
  • Dual-sided, serrated bagel cutter with safety guards
  • Ergonomic, Firm Grip handle design
  • A great addition to your kitchen utensil collection
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Commercial quality for your kitchen

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From the above mention list of Top 10 Best Bagel Slicers of 2020, you can choose your most suitable one for you. If you have any doubts regarding this, then you can visit the site and check out the Bagel Slicers reviews. There the buyers completely express their opinion about these product. Just compare it and you itself can decide, which Bagel Slicers suits you the most.