Top 10 Best Contact Grills of 2020

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We spent hours to find a best option for you is a Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 4-qt. Air Fryer, Roast, Bake, Dehydrate Indoor Electric Grill (AG301), 10" x 10", Black and Silver, which comes with amazing features you’ve never heard before. It is the Best Contact Grills available in the market today. However, if you don’t want to spend big on Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 4-qt. Air Fryer, Roast, Bake, Dehydrate Indoor Electric Grill (AG301), 10" x 10", Black and Silver, then you should absolutely go for Swissmar Classic 8 Person Anthracite Raclette with Cast Aluminum Grill Plate which comes with all the basic features one could expect in Contact Grills.

To help you in your search, we have concluded this list of the Best Contact Grills.

Top 10 Best Contact Grills

Top 10 Best Contact Grills of 2020

1. Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 4-qt. Air Fryer, Roast, Bake, Dehydrate Indoor Electric Grill (AG301), 10" x 10",

Meet the Ninja Foodi indoor grill.

Special Features
  • The Ninja Foodi Grill. The grill that sears, sizzles, and air fry crisps. Indoor grill and air fryer
  • 500F air circulates around food for amazing Surround Searing while the 500F high density grill grate creates char grilled marks and flavors, for food that's perfectly cooked on the inside and char grilled on every side with Cyclonic Grilling Technology
  • With the BTU cooking power of an outdoor grill, it brings outdoor grill flavors conveniently to your countertop any day of the year
  • Forgot to defrost dinner-Transform foods from frOunceen to perfectly char grilled in 25 minutes. Dishwasher Safe Components
  • Air fry crisp with up to 75 percent less fat than deep frying (tested against hand cut, deep fried French fries), using the included 4 quart crisper basket
  • 1760 watt unit; 10" x 10" PTFE/PFOA free, nonstick, ceramic coated grill grate; 4 qt PTFE/PFOA free, nonstick, ceramic coated crisper basket; 6 quart PTFE/PFOA free, nonstick, ceramic coated cooking pot; Chef created 15 recipe book; Cleaning brush

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2. Swissmar Classic 8 Person Anthracite Raclette with Cast Aluminum Grill Plate

Add variety (and good taste) to your next dinner party by introducing your guests to healthy and delicious raclette grilling with this classic raclette grill.

Special Features
  • Interchangeable with granite grill stone or cast iron grill plate – sold separately
  • Variable heat control
  • 1 year
  • Reversible grill/crêpe top – non-stick coating
  • Base is enameled steel

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3. George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press, Black, GRP1060B

This is how real fast food is made.

Special Features
  • 4 Servings - Tight on kitchen space? The 60-square inch grill is the most popular George Foreman Grill, with space for a tasty main course for four, or a complete meal with veggies and other sides.
  • Removable Plates - Easy cleanup is essential, and that’s what the removable grill plates are all about. Pop them in the dishwasher after grilling and they’ll be ready to go for your next meal.
  • 35% Faster Heatup - Less time heating, more time eating! The improved heating elements preheat 35% faster*** to get you from plug-in to plate in record time.
  • Advanced George Tough Nonstick Coating - There’s a lot to love about this nonstick coating. It’s 3x** more durable, easy to clean, and removes the need for butter and oil.
  • Fat-Removing Slope- It’s the sure sign of a George Foreman Grill. The sloped grilling surface helps remove up to 42% of fat* from meats for lean, tasty meals.

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4. Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill with Viewing Window and Removable Easy-to-Clean Nonstic

Hamilton Beach Indoor Grill makes healthy grilling at home a breeze.

Special Features
  • LOCKS IN JUICES AND FLAVORS: Sear at 450 degrees or use adjustable temperature dial to grill at lower heat for optimal grilling results.
  • ENJOY GRILLING ALL YEAR LONG: This indoor grill with hood has a high searing heat that locks in juices and flavors, and lid closes to give you signature grill marks. Serves up to 6 with 118 square inch grilling surface.
  • KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR FOOD: This indoor grill with hood comes with a convenient window in lid lets you watch food cook while keeping heat inside.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Indoor grill hood, plate, and extra large drip tray are all removable and dishwasher safe.
  • LESS MESS: Extra large drip tray catches juices so they don't spill on your counter and it's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
  • POWER AND PREHEAT LIGHTS: Eliminate guesswork while using your electric grill.
  • COOKS MORE THAN STEAKS, BBQ AND BURGERS: Grill chicken, fish, pizza, vegetables, fruit and more. Also great for paleo and keto diets.

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5. George Foreman 2-Serving Classic Plate Electric Indoor Grill and Panini Press, Black, GR10B

It’s the kitchen appliance that changed the grilling game forever.

Special Features
  • 2 Servings - Tight on countertop space? This grill is your answer. It fits two servings of your grilled favorites, and it’s perfect for small apartments and couples
  • Classic Plate Grill - This is the original George Foreman Grill. The durable grill plates give you lean, mean grilling power for all your favorite foods
  • George Tough Nonstick Coating - There’s a lot to love about this nonstick coating. It’s durable, easy to clean, and reduces the need for butter and oil
  • Fat-Removing Slope - It’s the sure sign of a George Foreman Grill. The sloped grilling surface helps remove up to 42% of fat* for leaner, tasty meals
  • Drip Tray - The dishwasher-safe drip tray collects excess fat and grease so you don’t have to, How nice is that?

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6. George Foreman 9-Serving Basic Plate Electric Grill and Panini Press, 144-Square-Inch, Platinum, GR2

Get all the space you need to cook healthier for up to 9 people with our largest indoor contact grill.

Special Features
  • Accommodates 9 servings of food
  • Patented sloped design for healthier cooking
  • Signature Foreman heating elements for even heat and faster temperature recovery
  • Preheat indicator light for added convenience
  • Dishwasher safe drip tray offers easy cleanup

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7. Aroma Housewares ASP-137 3-Quart/10-inch 3-in-1 Super Pot with Grill Plate, White/Black

It's a grill.

Special Features
  • 3 in 1 cooking pot: This portable indoor grill combines a grill, steamer and slow cooker to bring you a versatile cooking pot that will take the effort out of preparing delicious meals. It produces a deep grilled flavor in every weather right on your kitchen counter without worrying about lengthy cleanups
  • Covered grilling: The glass lid allows you to watch the cooking process, but keeps everything inside for easy cleanup. No more worries about the mess that can be caused while grilling in the kitchen! All cooking surfaces are dishwasher safe so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the food you love
  • Versatile & multi-purpose: our electric grilling pot allows you to adjust the temperature from 300° to 450° F giving you the freedom make hearty soups, grill meats and veggies, slow cook pot roast and so much more maintaining a consistent temperature while the tempered glass lid prevents splashes
  • Spacious & portable: we designed this small electric pot with a 3 quart aluminum pot that ensures even heat distribution. It measures in at 15. 9" X 14. 2" X 7. 6" Giving you the freedom to cook anything ranging from stews to steaks and more.
  • Thoughtfully designed: thanks to the non-stick grill, you never have to worry about your meats sticking while still getting that deep and flavorful grilled flavor. The raised grill surface allows the fat to drip away making it the ideal choice for seasoned and novice chefs that want to make delicious and healthy meals

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8. Cuisinart GR-150P1 GR-150 Griddler Deluxe, Brushed Stainless

The Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe takes grilling to new heights! It offers six enticing cooking options.

Special Features
  • Six cooking options in one: contact grill, panini press, full griddle, full grill, half grill, half griddle, top melt
  • Removable, reversible and nonstick grill/griddle plates
  • Dual-zone temperature control; sear function - can sear at 500 degrees F for up to two minutes at a time
  • Adjustable top cover with 6 presets to top melt and lock for storage; large grilling surface - 240 square inches open
  • Integrated drip tray; cleaning/scraping tool; dishwasher-safe accessories; Includes instruction/recipe book. 1800 watts of power

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9. Maxi-Matic EMG-980B Indoor Electric Nonstick Grill Adjustable Thermostat, Dishwasher Safe, Faster He

Special Features
  • DON’T LET RAIN RUIN YOUR BARBECUES ANYMORE! – Enjoy all the fun of an outdoor BBQ in the comfort of your home with our premium indoor electric grill and prepare the most mouth-watering meals for your family!
  • SAVE TIME & GRILL ALL YOUR FAVORITE FOODS AT ONCE! – Now you can throw your steaks your wife’s veggies your son’s ribs and your daughter’s salmon on the large 14" grilling surface at once! And thanks to its reliable nonstick coating you’ll never have to deal with stuck food again! Plus there’s a removable 1400W thermostat control with 5 adjustable settings up to 450°F
  • ENJOY ALL YOUR LOW-FAT HEALTHY RECIPES EFFORTLESSLY! – Our reliable indoor grill features a circular heating element that allows it to heat up faster and more evenly so you can cook everything to perfection! Fat will drip away from your food and cool-touch base and handles will prevent any nasty burns!
  • CLEANING YOUR GRILL HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER! – We know that cleaning your grill can be extremely frustrating that’s why we’ve made sure that all parts of our electric grill are detachable Now you can spend less time cleaning up and more time enjoying your delicious grilled food!
  • 100% INDOOR GRILLING FUN OR YOUR MONEY BACK! – Designed by BBQ lovers for BBQ lovers this ergonomic and sturdy indoor grill comes with an EXCLUSIVE 1-YEAR ! If at any point during the next year you face any problems we’ll send you a replacement FREE OF CHARGE!

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10. Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Grill, 6-Serving, Nonstick Easy Clean Plates, Silver (25371)

Enjoy delicious grilled foods year-round with the Hamilton Beach indoor grill.

Special Features
  • LARGE SIZE: Family sized 90 square inch surface can grill up to 6 servings at once whether it's hamburgers, hotdogs, or chicken kabobs. Also great for Keto and Paleo diets.
  • GRILLS MEALS IN 10 MINUTES OR LESS: Great for a quick meal and fats drain into removable drip tray
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The nonstick plates easily wipes clean and the drip tray removes for easy, dishwasher safe cleaning.
  • LOW-FAT GRILLING: Fat drips away from food as it cooks
  • POWER AND PREHEAT LIGHTS: let you know exactly when to add your food to the cooking surface for best results

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From the above mention list of Top 10 Best Contact Grills of 2020, you can choose your most suitable one for you. If you have any doubts regarding this, then you can visit the site and check out the Contact Grills reviews. There the buyers completely express their opinion about these product. Just compare it and you itself can decide, which Contact Grills suits you the most.